Furniture knowledge

Furniture knowledge

&Nbsp;   furniture has 3 advantages, the first is the efficient use of trees, and the second is faster production cycles, and the third is environmental protection. Plate of production process is: 1, and cut fresh logs; 2, and stripping off bark removed pulp core; 3, and snag crushed into fiber; 4, and 200 degrees high temperature disinfection, and sterilization, must dry to 25% containing water rate; 5, and joined environmental resin rubber catalyst (containing formaldehyde); 6, and Pu loaded; 7, and 400 tons high pressure 200 degrees high temperature took pressure; 8, and plate windmill type cooling; 9, and double killed light; 10, and plate anti-deformation health. Layout furniture of production process is: 1, and computer open material; 2, and mechanical seal side; 3, and high-speed row drill; 4, and mechanical forming; 5, and quality detection; 6, and mechanical sand light; 7, and playing fill PuTTY; 8, and sealed solid end of; 9, and manual sand mill; 10, and again quality; 11, and spray primer; 12, and repeatedly grinding; 13, and spray surface paint; 14, and must dust dry; 15, and again quality; 16, and three layer packaging; whole process science, and rigorous, completely meet international standards.
&Nbsp;   plate furniture of production process than wood complex many, equipment also expensive, General of small enterprise is cannot reached production requirements of (certainly also has individual small factory household processing wood furniture of simple method and rough equipment production layout furniture, and used E3 plate or more poor of plate and soft quality paint production plate furniture, this furniture on cheap no good goods has, this furniture paint surface color not uniform, has big area yellow variable and sparkling white phenomenon, furniture taste is big, Excessive levels of formaldehyde, are harmful to the human body). Normal situation Xia, quality plate furniture of environmental degree also to above wood furniture, especially Guangdong some has strength of manufacturers selection has a called logs na key Board of in the fiber Board, it in plate forming of when, used has international leading of high temperature took pressure technology, using wood fiber in high temperature high pressure Xia of nano physical characteristics, moments forming, avoid has resin rubber catalyst (containing formaldehyde) of using, makes plate of environmental grade and physical characteristics full is better than wood furniture (including hardwood and Cork), For Yangming international furniture market opens up a broad road.
&Nbsp;   plate furniture of surface ornaments material has quality wood skin (wood skin is is your of), and PU or PE paper (General will has wood lines, Visual effect close wood, price most cheap), and Australia special hard mill sand paint (three poly hydrogen ammonia paint in best of a, environmental degree high, price your), and PU or PE hard quality piano texture light paint (environmental degree high, price your, Visual effect is pure), and General PU or PE hard quality paint (low formaldehyde content, is environmental of, price moderate, Visual effects some whitish or cloudy, performance overall is better than the soft Cork furniture NC Nitro paints). Under the influence of traditional ideas, consumers find it hard to understand why high quality layout of furniture higher than environmental levels of solid wood furniture, furniture does not know what kind of layout is also environmentally friendly, what the layout of the furniture is not environmentally friendly. In this case, it is best to choose a good brand image, all certificates complete the layout of the furniture, eco-friendly furniture, of course, in the beginning when you use will have little taste, this will not affect your health, normally within 3 months away. If someone is bragging about MDF furniture is made of high density Board, you don't believe that, because the physical characteristics are not suitable for high density Board furniture, suitable for wooden floors.
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