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Wood puzzle considerations for details

&Nbsp;   (a) spell Board room environment controls 1, spell room temperature is 20 c ~25 c, too high or too low can affect the bond strength.
&Nbsp;   2, must control the right humidity, relative humidity of the air is best controlled at 45%~65%.
&Nbsp;   3, the balance of moisture in the air to ensure 8%~65%.
&Nbsp;   4, spell when the room is too dry (equilibrium moisture content below 6%), ground water, to ensure that the relative humidity of the air is not too low.
&Nbsp;   (b) storage of glue 1, when wood moisture content of solid is higher than 12%, the wood should be dried, making it water rate dropped to 12% before processing.
&Nbsp;   2, when dried, drying room including water dropped to 38 ~45 ℃, relative humidity should be maintained at 45%~68%, equilibrium moisture content in the air should be maintained at 8%~10%.
&Nbsp;   3, drying, the wood each layer shall be separated by a small strip of wood, and there should be space between the layers.
&Nbsp;   4, drying process, each must measure moisture content in an hour, and check whether the wood is wood with wood cracking, end checks and so on. If present, this phenomenon can reduce oven temperature and check whether the oven the equilibrium moisture content is low.
&Nbsp;   5, drying of wood stacked in a drying room should be avoided when cooling air inlet.
&Nbsp;   (c) other 1, glue in the deployment and use of monitoring. In large and medium enterprises, should be dedicated to a post, specifically responsible for glue test at the scene, while on-site sampling and quality assurance personnel supervision, and record the test results. Small businesses can make quality control staff are responsible for this work.
&Nbsp;   2, pay attention to the pressure control. Puzzle puzzle after pressure lines must be a plastic overflow, if there is no glue or gum line is too thick, uniform pressure is not enough (not enough fabric to glue or fabric glue). Manometer sampling can be used to test each machine requires quality assurance team tested more than 4 times a day, strict habit, entirely in accordance with the requirements of accurate pressure. (Jigsaw knowledge please pay more attention – FABORY furniture knowledge)
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