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Pressure control of timber plate technology and health

&Nbsp;   (a) confirm the size of pressure 1, pressure. Density of wood, such as Aspen and pine, pressure 4kg/cm2~6kg/cm2; medium-hard wood such as rubber wood, generally 6kg/cm2~8kg/cm2. hardwoods such as ash, oak and hard maple, pressure is generally 8kg/cm2~12kg/cm2.
&Nbsp;   2, pressure distribution uniformity. In order to ensure uniform pressure distribution, distance between the fixture should not exceed 200mm, fixture from the wood end of distance should not exceed 25mm.
&Nbsp;   3, the compression process, imposition glue joint and ends of adhesive joints need rubber or plastic extrusion lines. When the make-up is not completely cured, to avoid the imposition of severe vibration.
&Nbsp;   4, in order to keep the imposition of uniform compression, prevent make-up tip to appear "scattered" phenomena, preventing wood played in the process.
&Nbsp;   5, under pressure to avoid imposition, misplaced, request ends must be flush, offset allowed within 10MM at the other end, the level of offset requirements at the bottom must be flat, surface displacement allowed within 5mm.
&Nbsp;   6, the spell the rest produce 1 inch of material, length over 450mm of slab three grip pressure, according to the figure puzzle when pressure than the pressure at both ends of each row of the Middle, or easy to bend.
&Nbsp;   (b) the holding pressure time, when the ambient temperature is 10 ℃ ~15 ℃, time of 150-180 minutes; when the ambient temperature is 15 ℃ ~ ℃, time 120-150 minutes; when the ambient temperature is 20 c ~30 ℃, time again 90-120 minutes; when the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees, 60-90 minutes.
&Nbsp;   (c) when the pressure relief pressure relief, be sure to prevent workers ' gross piled up. Within the materials under the stress of the job, if rough stacked, easily lead to cracking the glue line.
&Nbsp;   health 1, appropriate health time 12 hours or more; proper keeping temperature at 25 ℃.
&Nbsp;   2, when in good health when the temperature is lower, may be appropriate to extend the curing time of puzzle.
&Nbsp;   3, surface processing of plate curing time shall not be less than 24 hours, to prevent subsequent paint operations after the glue seam sinking and other negative phenomena.
&Nbsp;   4, after extraction, jigsaw photosynthesis showed a rising trend. Extract the General puzzle regimen after 24 hours, bond strength to resist external force cutting, shaping, sanding and other processing method tested.
&Nbsp;   5, keeping time is running short. Acted will result in subsequent processing, resulting in cracking the glue line SAG and other negative phenomena.
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