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Wood plate technology standards and points for attention

&Nbsp;   wood jigsaw technique is to avoid wood anisotropy and wet up the heat of shrinkage defects is limited, also improved wood quality, conservation of resources, expand wood use and design of the most direct and convenient way. With the increasing scarcity of wood resources, especially natural materials and the rapid decline of large-grade timber, puzzle craft furniture enterprises is of unusual significance. To produce qualified puzzle, the most important thing is to develop detailed operating standards.
&Nbsp;   wood puzzle standard is divided into six main areas: getting ready for a puzzle; glue coating; stacking/lay-up; pressure control; health considerations. Item-by-item description below.
&Nbsp;   a, and spell Board Qian of prepared (a) wood 1, and wood surface of quality requirements (1) wood processing errors should is less than 0.2mm; (2) wood incense forest of right angle angle to,, to smooth flat, not bent; (3) wood sticky received surface should no planing marks, and saw marks ' tear, and jumped knife, and cut tail, phenomenon appeared; (4) is strictly prohibited using sticky received surface was oil, and dust, pollution had have wood for Mosaic Board.
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