Office furniture screen design

&Nbsp;   value for customers to solve the problem of our existence, from the height of the system to provide customers with the best overall solutions and creating value for the customer (the value is personalized and unique cultural values). And all of this comes from design.
&Nbsp;   furniture screen is mainly used in an open Office area, screens direct function is a separate space, and medium-height screens just incomplete, relatively separated space. Open Office area of major significance lies in the screen does not affect the context of communication, creating a relatively independent private working space, reduce interference and improve office efficiency, ease of administration, creating conditions for team communication and collaboration.
&Nbsp;   the relationship between height of screen space: relatively high screen is used to separate a relatively large space relatively low screen separates the relatively small space; small working space using relative higher screen height will have depression.
&Nbsp;   a good graphic design programmes should take into account the following aspects:
&Nbsp;   1, graphic design and the customer structure echoes the organic combination. Rational and efficient use of space, and to maximize the benefits of office space, according to local conditions, tailored to a strong sense of graphic design as a whole.
&Nbsp;   2, graphic design should take fully into account the customer's organizational structure, number of sectors and functions meet the particularities of the sector as well as on the desktop space requirements.
&Nbsp;   3, the management culture of the plane should be designed to meet customer needs, choose between openness and privacy. Some companies emphasize communication and coordination, and some companies emphasize trust authorized, some stressed that work independently, the convenience of our graphic design requirements to meet customer management.
&Nbsp;   4, graphic design is to create a culture which is the highest value, and create personalized, creating beauty and artistic value. This requires us to combine the client's corporate culture features, product image and CI strategic requirements. Low standard is carrying out renovation intentions, conform to the d├ęcor; high standards to make up for lack of renovations and decoration works complement each other, the shade Yi-chang. It should give full consideration to customers ' individual and unique requirements to meet the aesthetic demands on the other hand, the pursuit of beauty and artistic value, for the customer to create a unique cultural values.
&Nbsp;   screen color applications:
&Nbsp;   in the heating and cooling of choice and sense of space relations. Cool good sense of space, remaining space feels larger; the opposite warm tones; thus, cool color is widely used, and warm color should not be used for space per capita is relatively small, a relatively compact space. Neutral shades of the most widely used, the advantages are applied regardless of any place more coordinated.
&Nbsp;   different colors represent different emotional appeal. Warm colors make people feel warm and imaginative, friendly with vitality feeling of weakness is a bit noisy, seriously enough. Refreshing cold makes you feel calm, the disadvantage is that many, many colors the lack of personalization. Neutral tones felt more solemn, expressing a culture of rational rigor, disadvantage is the lack of emotion and color. Large areas of color, color combinations, avoiding monotony BACK
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