Fashion office furniture as simple as possible

&Nbsp;   office furniture of simple wind is sweeping the world at an alarming rate, furniture dealers all over the world seem to be promoting a classic theme of modernism, it is "less is more", concise fashion.
&Nbsp;   many European furniture manufacturers began to manufacture those masters of modern design classics, although those works design in this century the 20-30 of the Bauhaus period. But today still look fashionable and trendy, and more, newer designs are constantly introduced, most stylish design is the best material, the most exquisite craft looks concise style and provide the most complete functions. Material aspects, aluminum material, and spray sand glass, and Hu Walnut became designer most keen of match select, neatly straight, and jianlengjianjiao of line is is styling aspects of key, color of using most is clear, non-black that white, or is bright transparent of pure color, never is temperature swallow swallow dirty XI XI of mixed color, and most March of color is "cream added coffee" (milk white distribution deep brown) has, strongly of contrast, again distribution Shang material sharp of compared, most can described furniture fashion of means.
&Nbsp;   and Qian some years different of is, in this a quarter of furniture design in the, has no longer praised those grotesque, and cynicism of things, Designer have put pursuit function sex and comfortable sex put in has design of first, and is note material of match and details of processing, so dang you see a Zhang seems hard of seat, don't immediately concluded that it must with to you cold of feel, sat up of moment, Perhaps join it slightly on the back panel of the arc to give you the right comfort. When you open your closet simple doors, Rails quietly slip through is a set of reasonable considering the meticulous combinations of cabinets, then the joy in your heart is what designers show you the best gift.
&Nbsp;   these seemingly simple furniture, contains not only the designer's original idea, also reflects the furniture industry technical progress. No advanced manufacturing equipment and technology would be difficult to imagine those straight lines, smooth surface, uniform color, delicate texture and completely irrelevant material is perfectly uniform in between. Shanghai office furniture   office furniture brand   office furniture factory we should rejoice that the resurgence of the minimalist style, because it makes us get rid of glitz, reconsider the meaning of quality and taste, it makes us closer to nature and life itself. Because the designer tells us: "we designed a Chair, we are designing a better way of life". BACK
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