Furniture companies need direction

&Nbsp;   This ambivalence is troubling journalists interviewed a number of people, including local government officials, there are furniture Association, business leaders, and everyone seems to feel the impact from the financial crisis, even thought the anti-risk ability better markets in the Middle East is also facing dilemma of shrinking demand.
&Nbsp;   in search of a new growth path, avoiding the risk of relying on a single export market, furniture companies around the country are trying to open up new markets. To export to Europe, America and other countries mainly furniture enterprises in Guangzhou, before the first half of last year, its market share in the Middle East is to grow significantly; previously the majority of furniture exports to the Middle East market, yuhuan furniture companies are trying to develop in Europe, America, Japan, and South Africa market; even go wishes most strongly furniture enterprises in Beijing was prepared to study the Middle East market.
&Nbsp;   China economic times, found in many enterprise ready to investigate foreign markets, there are some enterprises while cultivating skills, develop new business models to work on. These enterprises to change the furniture low-level, redundant construction of export patterns have a vital role.
&Nbsp;   how to help beginning to take shape and the innovation ability of enterprises, strong but as a business strategy, otherwise the Chinese furniture industry is likely to be hovering at a low level for a long time, and is likely to further widen and Italy, and Spain, such as furniture manufacturing gap in the developed world.
&Nbsp;   found in in an interview with reporters, including Indonesia and other furniture exporter in the consider transfer market to the Middle East and China, and even asked the Government to help the occupation of other market opportunities, as well as the recovery in the United States all the funds and transfer them to China, Russia and the Middle East. They believe that China, Russia, the Middle East has a solid economic foundation, so not too much of a negative effect during the financial crisis.
&Nbsp;   financial crises, the furniture industry exports seriously hampered, foreign competitors are eyeing the Chinese market, under the internal and external problems, for the long-term development of China's furniture industry and related sectors in industry and industry associations should be refactoring into a force, for many hungry way, looking for the development of enterprise in the direction of a path out.

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