How to make light up solid wood office furniture

&Nbsp;   1, wooden office furniture to avoid direct exposure to light, winter heating, fireplace heating, never close to furniture to prevent fading of furniture cracking.
&Nbsp;   2, in order to maintain good indoor ventilation, drying, don't let the wooden furniture always in a humid environment, so as to avoid moldy furniture. If it is unusually dry, slightly wet cloth to wipe the surface to prevent warping cracking.
&Nbsp;   3, unavailable, rough and sharp objects or strong acids, strong alkali liquid contact, such as wooden furniture.
&Nbsp;   4, wooden furniture surface dirt and often sponged clean in a timely manner.
&Nbsp;   5, wooden furniture after good paint brush, brush on paint and dry wood furniture, evenly apply a layer of floor wax, and then Polish with a clean soft cloth can keep paint gloss durable. Also use rice water to wipe the surface of wood furniture, can keep the paint shine and brightness.
&Nbsp;   6 wooden furniture surface may not be hot, if filled with hot tea pot on furniture paint, the surface of the table will get hurt. At this time, with a touch of alcohol cloth to wipe paint damage, make the scars less visible, but this method can only be used once. BACK
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