First half of office furniture procurement project hits new high

&Nbsp;   project for the Beijing region double national furniture purchases growing rapidly, especially in the Beijing market, almost every day there is new furniture purchasing project bids. Furniture tenders of the Government in Beijing in the first half and 89 middle-class furniture purchases 7 months of 2008 tender 47, Central furniture purchase, 2 months of 2007 project 42. From the above data items more than doubled over the same period last year. "Under the influence of the Olympics, a lot of project backlog this year, resulting in projects in the first half of this year more than in the same period. "Central State Government purchase Center furniture project manager Lee? Chuang XING?
&Nbsp;   furniture caused another important reason lies in the State doubled the project to expand domestic demand and speed up infrastructure investment and other measures, 4 trillion investment played a role, for furniture project growth, provides a steady flow of energy to kinetic energy. In the first half of the 89 projects in Beijing, school furniture purchases a total of 53, 57.3% per cent of total project; hospital type furniture purchase item 7, to 8%.
&Nbsp;   small office furniture companies benefit from first half of small office furniture business into the largest beneficiaries. From successful enterprises, Beijing century furniture company limited, Beijing Hua Di Union furniture company limited, Beijing today shengmei furniture manufacturing and other businesses performed strongly, all big small labels indiscriminately.
&Nbsp;   why rewarding furniture for small and medium enterprises, large furniture companies bid low? Oriental furniture, Beijing General Manager Chen Yu said: "some of the current furniture project, is not particularly suited to our business. "
&Nbsp;   office furniture purchases can be seen from the Beijing area, schools, hospitals and the like accounted for 66% of the project. These projects mainly to steel-wood furniture, meanwhile, dominated by low bid in the price, large furniture companies in these areas are not competitive. Even some large office furniture business going to bid on these items, therefore gives SMEs the opportunity to win the order. BACK
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